Week of 8/23/21

Wow…the weekend went by way too fast! 
We hope everyone has a great week. Just a couple updates for our store starting Monday 8/23:
Masks will be required in our store starting today 8/23.  Don’t have a mask? We will have some at the front of our store for you to wear.
We still have blueberries and blueberry upick is still open; however we will not have our upick booth staffed. Simply drive to the red upick stand, park in designated area, grab a bucket to pick in (available at stand), pick anywhere in the blueberry rows you like, bring bucket back to store to get your bucket weighed and pay. 🫐 
We also have Upick flowers open. We have directions/prices in the gazebo next to playground, as well as the upick stand at the back of the farm (different than blueberry upick stand). Just drive to the back of the farm (follow the signs). We have another 2 acres of dahlias, sunflowers and more. 🌸 🌻 
And of course we have corn, garlic braids, dill, we pick blueberries, carrots, and flower bouquets.
See you at the farm! 👨‍🌾 👩‍🌾 🚜