Cucumber Order Request

You can now see where you are on the list on our website under Vegetables>>Order Waitlist.
If you do not see your name on the list, please use the search box to find your name. The list only displays the most recent names added to the list.


Cucumbers are sold in 25-lb boxes in two sizes; Small and Large.
Of note, in the past, our sizes were stated as Small or Medium. The cucumber is either Small or it isn’t.  It makes it less confusing for our staff who are sorting and prepping the boxes.

If you want a mix of small and large cucumbers, please note that in the Special Instruction/Request field in the online form.

ALL SALES FINAL! Make sure you are buying the size you ordered when you pay for your cucumbers. If extenuating circumstances do come up, we will review a refund on a case by case basis.

2024 Cucumber Prices

Small cucumbers – $58 per 25-lb box

Large cucumbers – $52 per 25-lb box

Mixed Box- $58 per 25-lb box

For all questions, changes, etc., please email us at the below email address.

  • Watch our social media, as well as our News section on the website for cucumber updates.
  • When it is your turn, call the store at 360-380-2699 and schedule your cucumber pick up day.  Days are scheduled as first come, first serve.  We only yield and pick so many cucumbers per day.  Please try and be flexible if the exact day you want is not available.  Weekday pickups are best.
  • We will have Boxx-grown dill and garlic available for an additional purchase.
  • Please keep your cucumbers as cool as possible until you are ready for them.  These are large boxes and most people do not have access to a fridge large enough to store them during the warm summer weather.  Ideally, process your cucumbers within a day of purchase.
  • Of note, we are bound to have extra cucumber boxes on some days.  We make multiple attempts to see if someone next on the list is ready for them, BUT if we have extras near the end of the day and someone walks in to the store who isn’t on the list and wants a box of cucumbers, we will sell them to that person.  Everyone who is on the list who follows the above steps, will get cucumbers.  But we also cannot have extra cucumbers sitting in our walk in.
  • And last, but not least, if you are wanting cucumbers but do not want a 25 lb box, we do put cucumbers out on a daily basis for sale in our store.  You are more than welcome to come purchase without needing your name on a list. Best value is by the 25-lb box, but again, we do have some available on a daily basis.

Last, but not least, Happy Pickling!

Cucumber Order Request