Harvest Dates

Below are the farm’s approximate harvest dates. Please be aware these are subject to change. Watch the website and social media to stay up to date on the latest happenings!

Strawberries June 1 – Approx
Carrots June 20 – Approx
Raspberries June 30 – Approx
Blackberries June 30 – Approx
Garlic July 15 – Approx
Cherries (we don’t grow at Boxx) June 15 – Approx
Blueberries July 5 – Approx
Green beans (we don’t grow at Boxx) July 20 – Approx
Corn August 15 – Approx
Cucumbers July 20- Approx
Dill July 20- Approx
Stay informed of harvests & happenings

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