Jam is Back! And Self-Checkout!

Hello from Boxx Berry Farm!
As mentioned in our stories yesterday, we have something old and something new coming to the farm!
Back by popular demand, we have made multiple batches of our delicious Boxx jams. 
We have strawberry, raspberry, seedless raspberry, and blueberry-raspberry jams. And for fun, we also made our customer favorite raspberry syrup! 
In addition to something old coming back to our farm, we also have implemented something new – We are extremely excited to announce our self-checkout! You can now come in to our store between the hours of 10-4 EVERY DAY of the week and purchase frozen berries, jams, Trilbys, and our Braswell dressings/marinades. 
Our self-checkout is for credit card purchases only. No cash/checks will be accepted, nor will there be cash on the premises. Self-checkout allows you to come purchase items from our store without being limited to only Saturdays. 
This weekend, we will have someone at the store to assist and show people how easy it is. Come visit us and check it out! 
Of note, masks are still required (even for self-checkout) and we will have hand sanitizer at the self-checkout to use before and after your transaction.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!