Cucumbers for sale in our store starting Sunday July 11th BY THE POUND ONLY.

We are not selling our 25 lb boxes….yet.

BUT this should be your notice that if you are on the list, specifically up to order number 100, you need to be ready. We will be notifying you via email soon to schedule a pick up date.

Cucumbers love the heat. We have no control over how fast they are growing (contrary to the questions I receive). 😉 They love the sun and we have been getting a lot of that! ☀️

Please remember to make sure our email address, that you received your confirmation email for the cucumber order you placed, is saved as a trusted email so we don’t go to your spam folder.

Check your order ID via the drop down tab under Vegetables called Order Waitlist. Enter your name in the search field.

It’s almost pickle time!