Cucumber Orders 2021

**Cucumber Orders – Sign Up Online**

If you have called, emailed or messaged us in the past to get put on our cucumber list, we now have a much easier way to get your name on that list.

Please go to:
Fill out the online form and when you submit the form, you will get a confirmation email. 
Make sure you add our cucumber email address, otherwise it may go to your spam/junk folder. 

Another feature this year is you will be able to see where you are on the list via the “order waitlist” on our website. 

We ask that if you have any questions related to cucumbers  at all, to please refrain from calling the store and to email us instead. We will respond within a few hours at most during business hours.

We have planted extra cucumbers this year for shorter wait times.  Also, we will have fresh dill and garlic for sale in our store to purchase. 

Please make sure you are ready for your cucumbers when we notify you that your pickup day is coming.  First pickings (dependent on weather of course) can start as early as mid-July. 

Each box is 25 lbs and there are two sizes: Small (best for whole pickles) are $48/box and Large (best for cucumber chips) are $44/box.