2024 Cucumber Sign Up
Cucumber sign up is now available at boxxberryfarm.com
This year will be a little different. If you choose to put your name on our cucumber sign up list, you will be required to pay online for your order.
You may be wondering, “but why?”
Well, we base our plantings off how many cucumbers are being ordered and then of course will add on to that for our store, walk ins, etc.
Last year, we had a significant increase in people signing up for cucumbers that either 1) Didn’t call and schedule their pickup day when they were emailed or 2) Just didn’t show up when they scheduled their pickup day
When we don’t sell our cucumbers, we then have to try and get them sold by posting on social media and hoping people want a 25 lb box of cucumbers that same day or next day.
We have a significant amount of labor in to picking/washing/sorting cucumbers, as well as labor in the store talking to people, scheduling, etc., and for us to have to toss them or food bank them causes our costs to go up and ultimately causes your cost to go up for future cucumber seasons.
The price this year for cucumbers is:
25-pound box of small cucumbers – $58
25-pound box of large cucumbers – $52
25-pound box of mix (small and large) – $58
Priority will be for those who signed up and prepaid. After that, depending on volumes, the rest of our cucumbers will be first come, first served if available.
If you have questions, please email us at our email address listed on the cucumber form on our website or send a message through Instagram or Facebook.
Thank you for your understanding as we navigate continued rising costs.