Upick Closed as of 6/28


We are hoping only for a few days but we just don’t know. 
Strawberries are done for 2021. Thank you to everyone for your support. They were some of our best strawberries to date! 🍓
There might be a few early variety raspberries for sale in our store, but highly doubtful. Unfortunately we lost about half our raspberries due to the excessive heat. This hurts pretty bad. 😢

But on the bright side, we do have fresh and frozen pails of sliced strawberries, as well as 2020 frozen raspberry pails. These are perfect for desserts, smoothies and jams. We also have fresh flower bouquets.
Farming is never predictable and there are always events outside of our control. Thank you for your continued support of our farm.  Hopefully the intense heat is behind us and we can move on to some normal summer weather. 
Stay safe everyone. ❤️