Saturday July 3rd Upick Open

We really aren’t trying to confuse anyone but farming is just plain weird this year!  😜 


We have a field of strawberries that weren’t quite ripe before the heat but now they are perfect and they are super sweet!  Remember, this isn’t like the beginning of the season when they were plentiful and perfect. You will have to look for them. 

Also, because y’all keep wanting to pick raspberries despite the sun damage, we are opening upick raspberries up!  There are good raspberries out there and it would be a shame that the good ones don’t get picked. 
There will be no designated rows. You can just go pick. Check in with the staff at the upick stand to get your bucket to pick in. Credit cards, checks and cash accepted at upick. 

We will be open on Saturday July 3rd from 9-6. This will be the only scheduled upick day for raspberries.  We will be reassessing on Monday morning. Also, it will be the last day for strawberries. We know…we said it before but this time it really is the last day! 😉

And what about Sunday July 4th? Our store will be SELF CHECKOUT ONLY and will follow our normal Sunday hours of 10-4.
See you at the farm! 👩‍🌾 👨‍🌾