Blueberry Upick

Blueberry Upick is Opening on Saturday July 18th! 
Please refer to our website at for Upick guidelines and prices.

We do want you to remind everyone that we are a GAP certified farm. This means we are held to extreme levels of cleanliness, water sampling (the water watering our veggies and berries is tested monthly), sanitization of all upick surfaces, requirement of washing hands before picking, sanitation of buckets, gloves that our employees wear, and numerous other behind the scenes high levels of cleanliness that we are required to have to maintain in order to keep our certification.

We also provide our customers with the ability to pay using cash, check or credit/debit cards at our upick stand(s) on our farm. 

A little blueberry bush trivia: Our blueberry bushes are very plentiful and produce amazing large blueberries due to the fact that they are mostly over 20 years old. Some are almost 40 years old! 

Be safe everyone! Happy picking!